I was raped by my step father

I have a daughter who is now 15, I conceived her through being raped, having been abused all my childhood.
Then at the age of 24 raped by my step father, I chose to go through with the pregnancy against everyone's advice to abort. At 19 weeks I was told that I was going to lose her due to complications. I cried out to God to protect her and if He did I would seek Him, she arrived perfect.
For years I fought against the system who said I wouldn't be able to bring her up and I need to give her up.
We are securely in a church and my daughter is an amazing girl I would never change the decision I made.

Editor's Comment

That is a lovely story of succeeding against all the odds. You had a traumatic and abusive childhood, and yet you have achieved something amazing, and you have a beautiful daughter to show for your courage. Thank you for sharing this.

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