The following titles cover issues surrounding abortion. This list of abortion books aims to include books by both pro-life & pro-choice authors as well as include titles from a more neutral position.

More books will be added in the near future so please check back…

“As a husband and as a father of a daughter, I am moved by Sarah Weddington's eloquent reminder of what Roe truly means—that our most private decisions can be made behind the closed doors of our homes, with our families, and in private... Read more »

SummaryIn this book, Dr. R.C. Sproul employs his unique perspective as a highly experienced pastor-theologian and a trained philosopher to provide well-considered and compassionate answers to the difficult questions that attend termination of... Read more »

This book provides support and help for healing using a unique neutral method. By leaving religion and politics out of the healing, this book guides you through a comfortable, non-judgmental path to deal with any problems you might be experiencing... Read more »

This concise book is a series of eight reflections on the real-life experiences of women who have had abortions. This enlightening book clarifies the concern of the Catholic Church for the humiliation and pain of so many women who desperately need... Read more »

What do 33% of American women have in common? They've experienced abortion.You might be one of these women. Or maybe it's your friend, sister, coworker, or the woman sitting next to you at church. Regardless, post-abortive women are in pain, and... Read more »

In Life’s Work, an outspoken, Christian reproductive justice advocate and abortion provider (one of the few doctors to provide such services to women in Mississippi and Alabama) pulls from his personal and professional journeys as well as the... Read more »

Forty years after the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, “abortion” is still a word that is said with outright hostility by many, despite the fact that one in three American women will have terminated at least one pregnancy by menopause.... Read more »

Two psychotherapists present a supportive guide to coping with the emotional and psychological aftermath of abortion, offering a step-by-step program that combines information, reassurance, and guidance to help women begin the process of... Read more »

This thought-provoking book sets out the ethical arguments for a woman’s right to choose. Drawing on the traditions of sociological thinking and moral philosophy, it maintains that there is a strong moral case for recognizing autonomy in personal... Read more »

This book narrates the harrowing and life-changing experiences of former abortion clinic workers, including those of the author, who once directed abortion services at a large Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. These individuals, whose names have... Read more »

Abby Johnson thought she was helping women in crisis. She was about to learn the truth . . . And facing the secrets of her own painful past would be the toughest truth of all. In this documentary based on the book Unplanned, learn how Abby Johnson... Read more »