I had unprotected sex with his best friend. By Jae

I'm fifteen. I broke up with my 17 year old boyfriend of 5 months a while back. But I stayed a virgin and kept all of his friends as mine. Anyways a few days ago I had unprotected sex with his best friend and lost my virginity. and I'm really worried. I'm already the black sheep of the family and they're gonna kick me out if I'm pregnant. I'm really paranoid. He pulled out I watched him. And he peed before we had sex just in case but my period has always been irregular and I can't track it to even know if I've missed one. This was so stupid of me. 

Editor's Comment

Even if this guy did pull out, you can still get pregnant as sperm is released throughout unprotected sex. You should wait for 2-3 weeks after the event and then take a pregnancy test even if you are unsure about your period.

This story was sent in on 19/07/2015

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