Cornerstone Care in Confidence, Huntingdon

Free help and support from Cornerstone Pregnancy Advice Centre

Stressed-out about unplanned pregnancy - get the right information

Are you feeling stressed-out & confused about an unplanned pregnancy? Are you struggling to work out what to do next?

You'll find getting the right information about all your options will help clear your mind so that you can work out what your next step should be.

At Cornerstone Pregnancy Advice Centre you'll find confidential, free and friendly support with accurate information about your available options so you can make an informed choice. You'll also get non-judgemental support whatever that choice may be.

Need help following an abortion?

Are you struggling with unexpected feelings and emotions following an abortion, even one that happened a long time ago?

If you'd like to understand why you feel the way you do the free post-abortion counselling service available at Cornerstone may help. As well as to women, our post-abortion counselling is available to men too.

Contact us at Cornerstone

Contact us at Cornerstone Pregnancy Advice by email or phone. You could also drop-in to see us during the day. See the full contact details and opening hours below.

Apologies if you've arrived here looking for information about Cornerstone Care in Confidence - up-to-date details for that centre are no longer maintained.