CrossWay Pregnancy Crisis Centre, London: Twickenham


We aim to come alongside women and their partners who face unplanned pregnancy, offering them time to discuss their options and to provide them with information. This can be done on the phone or face to face. We offer a confidential, flexible listening service, in which clients are free to meet with a listener for as many sessions as they need.

Free pregnancy tests are available.

We have good links with other groups who may be able to help our clients, and we offer a befriending service to women who choose to continue with a pregnancy in difficult circumstances.

Quote from crisis pregnancy client:
“It was about my whole life and making a right choice for my life as I had made so many wrong choices in the past. Speaking these choices out to an un-biased listener and feeling that I would be supported whatever decision I made helped to clear my head in the midst of all the things that were going on.”

We offer support to women and their partners following miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion. We run a course lasting roughly 12 weeks, called ‘The Journey’, which helps people address these situations, leading them to a place of acceptance.

Quotes from clients who have followed The Journey programme:

“It has allowed me to express all my hidden feelings and made me face up to my decision, let go of the past and look forward to the future”

“The spiritual content was/is so helpful and the process of The Journey is well thought out”

In line with a school's Sex and Relationships policy, ‘yourchoice’ runs a programme of 3-4 lessons for years 8 and above.

Typically the lessons explore areas such as self-esteem, media messages, aspirations, priorities in relationships, contraceptive information, the legal age of consent, S.T.I.s, pregnancy, and where to go for help.

All lessons include group work, activities, discussion, videos and question time.

We work alongside teachers and school nurses to facilitate discussion of these issues with the aim of enabling young people to make responsible and informed decisions. We find that our practical experience at CPCC is an important asset.

Quotes from teachers:

“The lessons were engaging and varied, and the content entirely appropriate and informative. The pupils responded very favourably when asked for feedback and in the subsequent assessed task, most pupils showed a clear understanding of the areas covered in the lessons.”

“I feel the sessions are of real benefit to the pupils. I am sure they have become more aware of important aspects they will inevitably face in their lives.”

Quotes from pupils:

“this lesson was cool”

“I think it was all good and will use the information”

“I think we should be told more about this when we are 15 and 16”

Apologies if you've arrived here looking for information about CrossWay Pregnancy Crisis Centre - up-to-date details for that centre are no longer maintained.