I Had An Abortion - unexpected feelings and emotions

I've had an abortion

If you have had an abortion, you may feel like you want to talk about your experiences with someone. You may know that having an abortion was the right decision for you, but you might still feel a mixture of emotions, happy and sad, that are hard to process alone.

Perhaps you felt pressured to have an abortion by someone else and that you had no other alternative or that you rushed your decision.

You may have had an abortion a long time ago. Perhaps emotions you didn't realise you had are just surfacing. You might have experienced periods of depression, or buried your feelings because you never felt able to talk to someone. But it's never too late to talk.

Whatever your situation, you should try to talk to somebody that you trust that will be calm and receptive to your situation.

Post-abortion support

Sources of help after an abortion

Try and find someone you trust to share how you are feeling. A close friend or relative may be able to support you while you seek further help.

Your GP can also help following an abortion, with both physical and emotional concerns. They can also advise you about other counselling resources in your area and how to access them.

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