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Stories of miscarriage at 9 weeks of pregnancy

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I seemed okay to her but at this point, my baby had already died

I'm 32 and have two beautiful children, age 5 and 2. Today I would have been 10 weeks pregnant, and my miscarriage ended yesterday. My husband and I always wanted a third, so we decided now would ... Read more

Miscarriage is a horrible, distressing, damaging experience

I'd like to share my experience of miscarriage as reading about other women's experiences really helped me. I've included an extract of a blog I wrote about it so it's a little story-like in ... Read more

I'm not dealing with any of my emotions since my miscarriage

i am twenty four years old and i miscarried on april fourteenth of this year . this was my first pregnancy and since i miscarried i have not dealt with any of the emotions that i have been feeling ... Read more

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