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Miscarriage at 7 weeks of pregnancy

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I feel a little piece of me was chipped away with each miscarriage

I had a miscarriage at about 7 weeks in May. I went through a lot emotionally by myself as the father blamed me for the situation and although we were in a relationship at the time he decided not ...

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My miscarriage: loneliness, confusion, and heartbreak

Hi, first of all, if you are reading this and are experiencing a miscarriage, here is a big internet hug! Miscarriage is such a lonely and confusing process. And if you have a similar ...

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I accept it's going to be hard, but I'm pretty sure we can do it

Hi everyone, I thought maybe it would help people if I shared my story from start to beginning as the stories I've read have really inspired me. So I'm 19 years old, I met my boyfriend I I ...

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I recently had a miscarriage and had never been more petrified

Hi all, I normally would not do this but I decided to share my story so I can help others. I most recently suffered a miscarriage and I had never been more petrified of any experience in my entire ...

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I was blessed with 5 wonderful pregnancies but lost my 6th

I found out I was pregnant with my sixth child on 11/29/2014. My husband and I were very excited, and so were the kids. I went for a check up on 12/16/2014, and heard the heartbeat. On I I ...

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A subsequent ultrasound showed it was a failed pregnancy

On March 2, 2015, I found out I was pregnant and joined the clinic. Within that same month, I started seeing blood when I wipe. I went to the hospital, they said they weren't seeing any bleeding, ...

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Miscarriage at 7 weeks - from extreme happiness to devastation

This is my story about how the only extreme happiness I had felt in my life was taken away from me. At the beginning of June 2009, I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. I was only 19 old ...

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