The next day I felt like I wasn't pregnant

By Shenel25 on 02/06/2015
miscarriage at 7 weeks

On March 2, 2015, I found out I was pregnant and joined the clinic. Within that same month, I started seeing blood when I wipe. I went to the hospital, they said they weren't seeing any bleeding, and that to them it was a lie but all they could see was the cervix open.

Over the next couple of weeks, the bleeding became heavier. I did an ultrasound at 7 weeks and they just saw the gestational sac and they said it was too early and to do a rescan.

In the month of may I have been to the health centre and hospital and to them nothing was wrong. On the Wednesday a gushing amount of blood flowed down and to me, it all seemed like there was no hope.

The next day I felt like I wasn't pregnant... upon doing an ultrasound again it stated a failed pregnancy.

I carried all the symptoms of a pregnant person including severe vomiting. I read up on the situation and to me, it seemed hopeful because of situations similar where the majority all had successful pregnancies.

I carried the second results to the hospital they did nothing and told me to do a rescan that was the Friday and I did the ultrasound on Thursday.

Saturday night I started passing clots, and on Sunday I went into labour and started to pass bigger clots, so went to the hospital again and that's when they decided to see about me. That Sunday I had a D&C.

Losing that pregnancy was the hardest for me. Today is the 2 of June 2015 and I feel so hurt that a baby my husband and I wanted came out a failed pregnancy. I'm back to work and feel so disgusting.

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