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476 views A full hysterectomy with baby in womb after 2 failed abortions Read story 891 views I’ve never known this to happen after only the first tablet Read story 6,009 views I just wanted to share a positive medical termination story Read story 7,167 views Last year in May I aborted twins and regret it Read story 3,291 views He wants me to have an abortion. Read story 1,254 views Hyperemesis gravidarum made me want to have an abortion Read story 195 views My medical abortion at 6 weeks pregnancy at 35 years of age Read story 105 views With a strong pain threshold, I thought I'd be able to get home Read story 3,633 views An unwanted abortion Read story 4,519 views Keep the baby or have a termination? Read story 2,488 views Abortion under pressure. Read story 1,945 views Abortion for foetal abnormality Read story 102 views I've never felt such pain: like my uterus was clamping on itself Read story 152 views My termination at 6 weeks took 6 hrs but every ladies different Read story 106 views An abortion at 13 weeks after Chiari Malformation diagnosis Read story 71 views A medical abortion due to confirmation of trisomy 18 by CVS Read story 2,646 views Abortion Read story 6,289 views Abortion pills Read story 5,611 views Surgical abortion. Read story 2,579 views An abortion for sickle cell disease. Read story 121 views 8 days after my medical abortion I woke up in horrific pain Read story 69 views I was 16 and felt so pressured to sign the papers for an abortion Read story 131 views A straightforward account of a medical abortion at 6 weeks Read story 139 views The greatest mistake I've made - the emotional pain won't go Read story 116 views I was 14 when I fell pregnant and I'll never forgive myself Read story

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