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5,055 views I just wanted to share a positive medical termination story Read story 6,566 views Last year in May I aborted twins and regret it Read story 2,902 views He wants me to have an abortion. Read story 1,012 views Hyperemesis gravidarum made me want to have an abortion Read story 3,331 views An unwanted abortion Read story 4,161 views Keep the baby or have a termination? Read story 2,286 views Abortion under pressure. Read story 1,792 views Abortion for foetal abnormality Read story 2,467 views Abortion Read story 5,877 views Abortion pills Read story 5,008 views Surgical abortion. Read story 2,314 views An abortion for sickle cell disease. Read story 3,436 views Medical abortion Read story 3,930 views I had two failed medical abortions with unexpected side effects Read story 2,411 views I'm 14 and want to keep the baby but my family doesn't know Read story 6,584 views Surgical Abortion without sedation. My unbiased story of horror and relief. Read story 2,441 views I'm 34 years old and I'm scared about this coming abortion Read story 2,772 views A medical abortion Read story 1,986 views It was a shock as he was told it'd be very hard to have children Read story 2,006 views Unplanned pregnancy Read story 7 views My husband gender checked our baby and forced me to abort Read story 276 views Read this if you're considering medical abortion and are scared Read story 74 views Care staff told me if I had my baby it would be taken away Read story 72 views I prayed daily after my miscarriage and fell pregnant a third time Read story 53 views He said he was sterile so I didn't take the morning after pill Read story

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