With so many negative stories of abortion online to let other girls know it's not always like that I have a positive story!

By anonymous on 10/09/2019
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I wanted to share my experience as there are so many negative stories of abortion online (all of which I read and was petrified) and to let other girls know that it's not always like that. I have a positive story!

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks, it wasn't the right time. I was in the middle of a messy divorce and have two children already. My new partner was younger than me, struggling to adjust to coming into a ready-made family. Throwing a baby into the mix was never going to be good.

I phoned Marie Stopes and spoke to a number of lovely ladies who took my details and booked my appointment in for when I was 6 weeks. I opted for medical abortion and decided I'd take the pills at the same time.

I arrived on the day, nervous and feeling guilty and ashamed. I was relieved to find a waiting room full of other ladies just like me. No judging and also no protestors at the door... another fear I had.

I went through and answered a few questions, had a pinprick HIV test (instant results), and then the scan. The lady was lovely she had the monitor faced away from me so I couldn't see it but I asked if I could see it. Not sure why but I felt the need to, she turned the screen and showed me. I was then told to go back into the waiting room and I'd be called again for the medication.

10 minutes later and I was called again. The next lady wasn't as nice or friendly and I'll be honest and say she was rushing through everything so quickly I felt like I was on an abortion conveyor belt. Anyway, because I was on my own she said she wouldn't let me take the pills as I needed somebody with me. She then went on to scare me to death telling me I could instantly be in a lot of pain and pass huge blood clots etc etc.... I was told to call somebody to meet me then I'd be seen again.

So I pretended to call my partner and 20 mins later said he was waiting in the car outside (a massive fib, I had nobody but I needed this procedure done). I was then called into a different room and this time greeted by two lovely ladies. They were both so friendly and put me at ease instantly.

I took a number of different pills-anti sickness, an antibiotic, and I think a pain killer. They asked if I was still sure I wanted to go ahead and I said yes. They gave me the pessaries to insert as deep as possible vaginally and explained that once I have done it I should try and get home asap. I did as instructed. I darted to the car and drove myself home with a hot water bottle ready.

I got home and waited for 'it' to hit me, I started to bleed lightly around 2 hours later and had some very mild cramps. I wouldn't even say they were painful just a bit like cramps before a period. After another hour or so the cramps got a little worse, still no more painful than a period.

The bleeding did get heavier but again just like a period. I didn't pass any clots of blood larger than a 5p coin. By early evening (around 8 hrs later) I was fine, no cramping and medium bleeding, more importantly, no clots.

I called Marie Stopes the next day convinced it hadn't worked, they said I could still get the 'big bleed' and it could take 72 hours. I waited and waited... nothing. The bleeding turned into spotting and that was it.

I was gutted, it hadn't worked. I needed to go through it all again... I called Marie Stopes they booked me in for another appointment but I had to wait three weeks! Those three weeks were awful, I looked into going private but couldn't afford it.

Fast forward 3 weeks, I went back. Saw the 'not-so-nice in a rush' nurse who scanned me (and was so much nicer so perhaps when I originally saw her she was just having a bad day). I was scanned and NO BABY. It had worked!

So it isn't always as the horror stories say. I know I was obviously lucky and no doubt some women have a horrible time with it but for me (and I can't be the only one) it was fine. So many people rush to tell the horrible stories I do think we hear anywhere near the number of positive stories.

If you're going through this I hope my story helps you and I wish you luck. Oh, I was around 6 weeks 3 days when I had the termination X

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