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I had an incomplete miscarriage at 10 weeks of pregnancy I feel a little piece of me was chipped away with each miscarriage Consecutive miscarriages at 18 weeks: incompetent cervix I miscarried without knowing I was pregnant, is it ok to grieve? I seemed okay to her but at this point, my baby had already died Reasons why my miscarriage was worse than anyone else’s With no heartbeat a threatened miscarriage was diagnosed At 8 weeks there was still no sign of any miscarriage symptoms No heartbeat, I was having a miscarriage, it was a shock I'm not dealing with any of my emotions since my miscarriage These miscarriages aren't my fault but who else do I blame? I knew I was losing the life inside me with every passing minute My miscarriage: loneliness, confusion, and heartbreak I was told the babies heart had stopped beating the week before I just miscarried... or rather; I'm currently having a miscarriage The early pregnancy clinic seems to be in on nature's cruel joke Miscarriage is a horrible, distressing, damaging experience My wife was about 6 weeks pregnant and having a miscarriage Although we only knew of you for a month, we love you I didn't know I was pregnant and had a miscarriage after surgery They said it was a missed miscarriage and gave me my options I recently had a miscarriage and had never been more petrified Miscarriage at 11 weeks: the hardest thing I've been through I want to break the taboo that exists around pregnancy loss I was blessed with 5 wonderful pregnancies but lost my 6th

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