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210 views She told me I had a miscarriage Read story 156 views We discovered we were having twins! Read story 160 views They explained to me that I had had a miscarriage. Read story 248 views A miscarriage at 8 weeks Read story 190 views I knew my second pregnancy was very different to the first. Read story 612 views The Dr said she couldn't see a foetus - miscarriage at 13 weeks Read story 250 views It has actually been a little over two years since I had my miscarriage Read story 521 views I was 15 years old and 6 weeks pregnant. Read story 325 views My heart was broken in two by my miscarriage. Read story 332 views I felt the most piercing grief Read story 539 views That night my life changed forever Read story 471 views I'm 17, yes only 17 years old and I was pregnant. Read story 513 views I vowed I would never complain through pregnancy or parenthood. Read story 583 views My never been told story. Read story 472 views At 11 weeks I lost my baby. Read story 88 views I lost my baby Read story 1,052 views I miscarried my baby this morning. Read story 960 views A miscarriage at 8 weeks after slight pain & bleeding at 6 weeks Read story 786 views 3 traumatic miscarriages Read story 649 views Unexpectedly, I found I was pregnant at the beginning of November! Read story 979 views A miscarriage at 7 weeks. Read story 711 views 2 miscarriages 5 years apart Read story 929 views They called it a missed miscarriage Read story 775 views The story of a miscarriage Read story 1,078 views A late miscarriage at 19 weeks Read story

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