We were excited and thought we were going to hear a heartbeat

I found out I was pregnant with my sixth child on 11/29/2014. My husband and I were very excited, and so were the kids. I went for a check up on 12/16/2014, and heard the heartbeat.

On 01/13/2014 I just knew I was going to hear a heartbeat. I was sadly wrong. The doctor probed on my belly and fear crossed my mind because of the puzzled look on his face. I could see the little sac with a small pee looking circle drop back down to its bottoms. It was at that moment I knew. He took me into another room to do a vaginal sonogram. It was confirmed that the baby demised at 7 weeks as I was thinking I was 10 weeks.

I am still hurting from my loss, but I know God has a plan. I love hard and boldly. I never imagined this, but I know time heals all and talking about it helps too.

I wrote this because I wanted to encourage someone to never give up on God. If a door closes, he will open a window. God always has a ram in the bush. If I never have another child, I will praise him for the five wonderful pregnancies he had already blessed me to have and when they get grown, I will find somebody elses babies to love and be a blessing to their families withholding nothing without jealousy.

This story was sent in on 23/07/2015

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