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97 views I'm under pressure to terminate but don't think I could handle it Read story 3,622 views 6 weeks pregnant. Read story 1,194 views I am pregnant again. Read story 423 views He wants to abort but I've had one before & regret it every day Read story 1,008 views I want to keep the baby Read story 943 views Pregnant after rape. Read story 47 views My aim was to save the child Read story 54 views He wanted me to terminate and move on cos he is too young to have a baby Read story 67 views I cancelled the appointment and told him I was keeping the baby. Read story 122 views I had an abortion before and would never get another one. Read story 242 views I found out I was pregnant 6 days ago. Read story 237 views I had an IUD (coil) and I still got pregnant. Read story 193 views We have decided to keep the baby. Read story 482 views We had unprotected sex, now I'm pregnant Read story 614 views I got pregnant at 17, and my husband left me 1 month after the baby was born Read story 386 views We decided we are going to keep this baby Read story 361 views Recently I've fallen pregnant and I've been frozen in shock. Read story 484 views Hearing my baby's heartbeat made the choice for me. Read story 366 views I'm pregnant and not really sure what's next. Read story 317 views I found out I was pregnant June 17 2013 Read story 121 views I just had a baby boy 2 months ago. Read story 128 views I'm 40 years old and I just found out I'm pregnant again Read story 274 views He wants me to terminate our baby as he's not working Read story 218 views He told me to consider an abortion Read story 179 views I want to do an abortion Read story

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