I just found out I am pregnant again.

By anonymous on 11/07/2015

So I have children from a previous marriage and I met the man of my dreams and we had a daughter and then money became an issue. I was still struggling with balancing all of my children especially my 8 year old from the previous marriage, not because she is difficult but because she was always the baby so with my newborn it was emotionally hard but she has been the most amazing big sister.

So I just found out I am pregnant again and I am scared about everything; money, my children's feelings, my husband's feelings, petrified, not because I feared losing my husband. I believe in our love and we tried so hard for our first child together so for God to bless us with another one I will make it work.

Editor's Comment

An unexpected pregnancy is hard when you are struggling financially, and I can understand your anxiety about how you will cope. However as you say, this new baby has been conceived in a loving committed relationship, and is part of you both so that is very precious. You have 8 months now to see how you can manage your finances, and get used to the idea of a new addition. 

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