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103 views Give us your baby, we'll provide the love & future they deserve Read story 111 views Blessed with a beautiful daughter through the gift of adoption Read story 316 views We chose open adoption but I've never felt the need to see her Read story 765 views 15 and pregnant. Read story 1,151 views I gave up my 19-month-old son and pretend he never existed Read story 537 views I chose adoption Read story 1,234 views I gave my little girl up for adoption Read story 873 views I had to choose adoption beacause I am against abortion. Read story 970 views Adopted at 4 in 1949 Read story 956 views A woman who is 8 weeks pregnant considering adoption. Read story 1,581 views A 14 year old who chose adoption Read story 1,056 views I couldn't find myself on the family tree Read story 1,165 views We decided to adopt Read story 1,518 views At the Drs I said 'no' to an abortion Read story 1,035 views My Mum had left me and I went to a social care home Read story 1,404 views Think long and hard before you make a decision to have a child adopted. Read story 1,606 views Adoption would be hard but would give my baby what I couldn't Read story 1,705 views Our son was born on Boxing Day. He has Down’s syndrome. Read story 1,549 views I was placed with my adoptive family at four weeks old in 1970. Read story 1,809 views We gave birth to our lovely gorgeous son two weeks ago now on Boxing Day Read story 2,596 views I was adopted as a baby in the 1970s. Read story 1,656 views I had a baby in 1974, a little girl. Read story 2,008 views Hi, I found my birth mother two years ago and last week, I found and phoned my birth father. Read story 1,939 views I was deeply in love with the father of my baby. It was in 1970 when things "were different". Read story 2,482 views After a trouble free pregnancy, my daughter was born 6 months ago. Read story

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