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I had protected sex but am afraid I might have contracted HIV She randomly texts me "I'm pregnant, I hate you" I found out my girlfriend is pregnant a week ago This doesn't feel like a child of mine. I wanted my life back My new partner is pregnant We agreed abortion was the best way forward but she desperately wanted our baby. My wife does not want the baby A termination 24 years ago A son of 13 I have never met. I practically forced my girlfriend to get rid of the baby My girlfriend decided on an abortion leaving me heartbroken An abortion I now wholeheartedly regret A 16 year old boyfriend whose girlfriend is pregnant Just over 3 years ago my partner and I found out she was pregnant. The account begins in the mid 1970s when my then partner and I were students in the south of England My partner told me that she had had a termination, five days after! My ex partner and I had unprotected sex, which resulted in a surprise pregnancy. When I was 18, and sharing a flat with a friend, I very stupidly had unprotected sex with an older woman very early on into the relationship. In 1981 my parents told me that my older sister had undergone an abortion... All could think was, what have I done? What have I done to the girl I love, and the baby I could've had? My partner told me she was pregnant just before my 17th Last November I met this woman at a nightclub. Well, things progressed rapidly that evening and we ended up sleeping together. Two days before Christmas, my girlfriend told me she was pregnant...

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