This doesn't feel like a child of mine.

I had a one night affair with a woman and 5 years later I get a letter in the mail telling me I have a child to pay for plus retro active payment until date of birth.
A court order was made to have DNA testing done. The result was 99.997% and I could not be excluded from being the father was the wording and the court ordered that I was responsible for paying child support.
This child is now an adult at the age of 19.
This doesn't feel like a child of mine to me. I haven't even seen a photograph. I never even met him. No fault to him.
I thought it was a parent's rights to be able to see their children. I guess my question is when does the support end?

Editor's Comment

It is upsetting that you have never seen your son and don't even know what he looks like. My understanding is that you could have applied for access through the courts, and this would have been granted unless there was a strong reason for the welfare of the child. Usually financial support ends at 18 and if the child is in full time education, they can apply for grants and loans. The child support agency will be able to tell you if you can now stop paying maintenance.

This story was sent in on 16/09/2012

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