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78 views What kind of mother chooses a man over her own child? Read story 700 views Pregnancy testing Read story 1,085 views A difficult decision Read story 639 views I'm pregnant Read story 60 views An unplanned pregnancy on the mirena coil Read story 77 views I'm not sure if I am pregnant but I'm having a real scare Read story 152 views I was fingered with some pre cum on fingers. Read story 80 views I want to know if I'm pregnant or was I? Read story 82 views Reply to "I have very recently found out I have become pregnant by accident." Read story 118 views I'm 31 and about 6 weeks pregnant Read story 591 views I have very recently found out I have become pregnant by accident. Read story 248 views We use condoms every time we have sex and this has failed us. Read story 186 views I'm 37, almost 38, and we had a birth control failure. Read story 458 views I know I shouldn't have done it unprotected. Read story 267 views I had unprotected sex yesterday. Read story 415 views I was raped. Read story 224 views I'm not sure if I'm pregnant. Read story 267 views I ending up having sex with an ex boyfriend. Read story 253 views I'm 20 years old and recently found out that I am about 6 weeks pregnant by my ex boyfriend. Read story 330 views My decision is whether to abort or continue with pregnancy. Read story 265 views This is a follow up to my story, "laid off in June and 14 weeks pregnant". Read story 237 views Could I be pregnant? Read story 317 views We had unprotected sex. Read story 308 views Unprotected sex and a missed period. Read story 512 views A birth at 28 weeks. Read story

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