I'm pregnant. I should feel excited but I feel sick and scared.

Hi, I found out a few weeks ago, I'm pregnant! woo! I should be excited right? I just feel sick and scared. I'm now 7 weeks and suffer with morning / all day sickness.

I'm 26 soon and my partner is 30 we both work full time. Been in a committed relationship for 7 years (ironic huh?). We used to live in the same area but now we are doing the long distance thing currently for 2 years which is hard going and now this..... I've been going over everything I can think of to make it work and reasons why it won't work. I don't want to move from where I am I'm certain on that.

I do feel a connection to this tiny thing inside me ( I've been looking at the development stages since I found out I'm pregnant) Am I ready to be a mum? and how do you know? My partner has been sitting on the fence - wanting me to make the final decision, but isn't pushing me to do anything and he said he'll support me either way.

I have spoke to different people about it and they have been great *those who have had abortion *ones who can't have kids * ones who can. I've looked into the abortion options and breakdown in tears, (pic's the lot - why do I do it to myself?) I still don't know what to do? What can I do to help me make the decision? - I know no one can make that choice for me. I feel ashamed to not know what to do and also ashamed I've been considering abortion.

Editor's Comment 

When a big decision like this does not seem clear it is important to think about your circumstances and what your values, instincts and beliefs are telling you. It sounds as though you are worried about your circumstances and being seperated from your partner. You also already feel a bond with your unborn child, and feel distressed at the idea of abortion. If abortion makes you feel ashamed and you feel uncomfortable when you consider this option, then it is going to be very hard for you to make that choice as you will constantly feel you have betrayed your core values and instincts.

I think most women question whether they are ready to be a mum and it often feels a big responsibility so its natural to ask that question. If you choose parenthood its something that you learn as you go along, and get lots of help by sharing ideas with other mums.

If you would like to talk through your decision, there are pregnancy counsellors available.

This story was sent in on 31/05/2015

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