The father is jobless and has 3 other kids and says that abortion is best

I just found out I’m pregnant 5 weeks. The father said he’s jobless and has 3 other kids and that abortion is best. He actually says abortion is ugly but right now it’s necessary.

I have a 2-year-old already and to be honest when I saw that pregnancy test I was shocked and scared but my first reaction wasn’t abortion.

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I live at home with my mother and I’m 24. I told her and she thinks abortion is good too because I’m so early on it won’t hurt as much.

I’m so conflicted because I want this baby, I really do, but I’m scared of all the challenges of 2 kids & two different fathers. I don’t want the father to resent me if I keep it and I don’t want my mom to be even more disappointed if I do.

I’m stuck because then I feel like abortion is the answer but I feel bad and feel terrible because the baby didn’t ask to be made... I don't know, I just wish I’d miscarry so I wouldn’t have to choose... what if I choose wrong?

This story was sent in on 11/01/2019

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