We'd provide a home full of love and these poor babies are just getting left to die

By Sophia

I live In a small country town in Australia and we are surrounded by a caring and beautiful community of people who love to help, that's why I don't understand the stories I hear in the news every night. Drugs, violence and finally abandonment.

I have 2 daughters and my youngest longs for a sibling but it seems I am unable to give her one. I have been madly in love with my soul mate since I was 17.

We were pregnant with our 3rd child 2 years ago and lost it at 13 weeks, we were so happy and announced our expectant birth to our family and friends.

Then I woke during the night in an unforgettable pain and covered in blood I rushed to the bathroom to see what was happening and saw all the blood and clumps of stuff. I was trembling and instantly sickened by the sight of what I thought was my third child :( I wrapped it up in the towel and in a moment of grief, I put it in the washing machine so none of my family had to see what I saw.

I woke up Freddy and cried for 10 minutes before I could get the words out, he held me and then carried me to the car where I cried uncontrollably while he then had to wake our 2 daughters and we went to the hospital because I was passing clots the size of golf balls every 5 minutes.

At the hospital, they told me the inevitable, that our baby was gone. Freddy wanted to go home and give our baby a funeral, he is a Maori and has strong burial beliefs for the soul to be released. I had to tell him I put our unborn child in the washing machine, that we were unable to say goodbye, and that he was unable to bury his grief. We all went home with a sickening sense of emptiness.

That was 2 years ago and we have been unable to conceive since. I see parents, on the news, leaving their babies at the beach and in storm drains and on people's doorsteps, and I wish they would give them to me.

I am a 32-year-old Australia women, Freddy is a 34-year-old New Zealand Man who has lived in Australia since he graduated high school and relocated here when he was 18.

Our daughters are 3 and 12 and we would provide a home full of love and these poor babies are just getting left to die. It breaks my heart.

We own our home and we have a small family business. I am from a family of four children and Freddy has a brother and sister in Australia and 4 brothers and 1 sister in New Zealand. Both of our parents are from huge families. I have about 70 first cousins and about 19 aunties and uncles most of which are still alive :) and we have so much love to give.

Give us your baby. If you can't look after him or her and give them the love and future they deserve, give us the opportunity.

Sophia sent this story in on 23/06/2015

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