I was only 15 when I started dating an 18 year old by Kayla

I was only 15 when I started dating an 18 year old. After a few months we started having sex. We didn't tell anyone because we knew people would judge us for the age difference.

A couple months after we started having sex, my period skipped a month so I took a home pregnancy test. When it came back positive, I had my boyfriend take me to an OBGYN to get it comfirmed and learn my options. It turned out I was seven or eight weeks pregnant.

My boyfriend and I had a long discussion about what to do. At this point he was living in an apartment and going to the community college. He had a job with a carpentry company. Eventually we decided that we wanted to keep our baby, and we told our parents together.

My parents said that once I turned 16 I could move in with him. I turned 16 in my fifth month of pregnancy and I moved in with him.

We argued sometimes, because I was moody or he was rude to me. Once I stayed the weekend at a friends house because we had gotten in a fight over whether or not to learn the baby's sex.

When I had our baby boy, my boyfriend fell in love immediately, as did I. Now I'm 18, and we enjoy every second with our nearly 2 years old son. Oh, and the father and I are getting married this fall.

Kayla sent this story in on 26/07/2015

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