I believe abortion is murder and am not considering it

By Melody on 03/07/2015

I am 29 years old and I just find out that am pregnant. I was scared because I have never been pregnant before and this came as a shock. I was confused, scared and happy.

When I told my boyfriend of 3 years he told me he's not getting involved and that I must "clean it up". My boyfriend always wanted to have a baby with me, we even asked my gynecologist when is my ovulation time so we can plan to have a baby.

What comes to my surprise is that I'm pregnant now and he turns a back at me.

I believe abortion is murder and am not considering it. He doesn't answer my phone calls nor replying at my text messages.

I just want to let other women know that a baby is a very beautiful blessings from God and you must think twice before making a decision to abort.

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