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296 views He immediately pushed for abortion Read story 260 views An advisor who listened and was impartial Read story 360 views I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my boyfriend who is 20 years older than me. Read story 364 views My husband wants me to abort the baby Read story 910 views I'm 14 years old and pregnant Read story 701 views I said 'yes' and had unprotected sex with some 18 year old guy Read story 528 views Pregnant at 14 Read story 853 views Pregnant again after having twins. Read story 437 views I thought two children under two was completely unmanageable Read story 578 views A baby boy due in 6 weeks Read story 696 views A 16 year old girl who is keeping her baby. Read story 587 views A mother who has been emotionally abused by her husband Read story 640 views 20 weeks pregnant and boyfriend has left. Read story 606 views 20 weeks pregnant with a Down's syndrome baby Read story 949 views I have always felt uneasy about termination Read story 599 views He doesn't want anything to do with me or the baby. Read story 1,301 views I was raped by my step father Read story 1,181 views He was against abortion even more than I was. Read story 823 views I made a drunken mistake. Read story 897 views An unplanned pregnancy for an engaged couple Read story 609 views 16 and pregnant Read story 1,232 views A change of mind at the abortion appointment Read story 1,235 views A pregnant 16 year old Read story 2,616 views The hardest decision of my life Read story 809 views A young woman who changed her mind about adoption Read story

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