I had an IUD (coil) and I still got pregnant.

By anonymous on 16/11/2014
I'm 23 years old the mother of three beautiful boys ages 5 years, 2 years, and 17 months.
I'm also going through a divorce.
Recently I've had a new boyfriend for the last two months, he has a four year old daughter. I have an IUD (coil) for contraception, but about a week ago I started feeling weird, nauseous, and exhausted basically exactly how I've felt every time I became pregnant with all three of my prior pregnancies.
I was married but still basically went through them alone, my husband moved us 14 hours away from my family and the moment I became pregnant he immediately treated me with resentment. It felt so close to hatred, he could barely look at me and I even went through the labour alone. After my last son I got the IUD so I wouldn't have any forgetting to take my pills and unexpected pregnancies. He ended up leaving us for another girl so that's the reason we are going through a divorce.
Anyway I went in to see my Doctor and they did three pregnancy test two urine tests, one blood test and all were positive. They successfully removed the IUD and well now I'm sitting here not knowing what to do, 3 children already, I've only been with this guy for such a short time.
I could never abort, I am not against it but for me personally I could never do that, and after carrying this child there's no way I could put the child up for adoption.
I haven't even told him yet and I'm scared of how he's going to react, I don't want him to think, 'oh she got pregnant and is trapping me', because I'm not at all. If I got what I wanted this pregnancy wouldn't change our relationship and we would continue on, but I doubt that's going to happen. I just feel I can't go through another pregnancy alone and I can't support four children alone when they deserve the world.

Editor's Comment

You have been very unfortunate to become pregnant with an IUD fitted as they are usually a very effective form of contraception. You sound very anxious about your boyfriend leaving you to cope alone, and that is very understandable. He has been prepared to accept you with your 3 boys, so he may react positively to the news. The only way you will know is by talking to him about it, and letting him know how you feel about abortion. You took precautions that are usually very reliable, but unfortunately you are one of the rare exceptions. If you need some help or support, or someone to talk this through with, this is available for unplanned pregnancy support. or call the national helpline 0300 4000 999.

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