I wanted to abort my baby but after being to one session I couldn't do it

By Keeley on 10/05/2015

Hi, my name is Keeley and I'm 14 years old and currently 38 weeks pregnant.

My pregnancy has not been easy. I found out about my pregnancy 1 week after my great nana died and I was 6 weeks gone. I told my boyfriend I'd had for 18 months and he laughed. I guess he thought it was funny.

I didn't end up telling my mum 'till a couple of months after and she just wanted what was best. My boyfriend said he'd support me and said he'd wanted a baby from the start of our relationship but when it came to telling his parents when I was 3 months, his mum changed his mind and wouldn't let us be in a relationship or him be involved. This hurt a lot!

A couple of weeks later I found out my baby's Daddy was telling people it wasn't his baby and this caused a lot of stress for me. I lost all my friends and started to get bullied. I left school and tried to move but I didn't like my new school so soon moved back but I'd missed 4 months of school by then!

I and my ex haven't spoken for 5 months and he now has a new girlfriend and doesn't want anything to do with the baby. His family did do at first and were being supportive but when they found out about social services they told me to contact them when the baby is older.

When I found this out at about 24 weeks or so I wanted to abort my baby because I thought I could never do it without my partner but after being to one session I couldn't do it, I'd fallen for my son and I loved him with all my heart!

Everything was going so well and I was moving on but then I found out I'm getting removed from my mums care because it is unsafe. I'm currently waiting for a placement and feel like I'm going to have no one as I can only see my mum on supervised contact because of baby and my sister is too interested in her boyfriend to spend time with me.

I just feel like I'm in this alone and everything is really stressful and my baby is due in 11 days and I don't even know where I'm going to be living. I feel like I've failed my son and I'm going to be classed as one of those 'typical teen moms'.

I just want to do what's best.

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