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770 views We are going to have this baby. Read story 479 views Arrived from Italy and 4 months pregnant Read story 1,038 views A positive pregnancy test after believing I couldn't conceive Read story 936 views I am totally pro choice but abortion was not for me. Read story 1,186 views Just 14 and pregnant. Read story 1,238 views He tried to talk me into an abortion Read story 1,199 views I couldn't have an abortion because I'm against it Read story 1,141 views After an abortion at 18 I am not going through this again. Read story 1,164 views He demanded that I got rid of it or we were over Read story 1,856 views I'm 15 years old and I kept my baby Read story 928 views Update on our baby with cleft lip Read story 1,782 views When I got pregnant the father of the baby wanted me to abort Read story 1,114 views To the mother of the baby born on Boxing Day with Downs Syndrome. Read story 1,600 views ....I found out at my 5month scan that my baby had a disability...spina bifida. Read story 1,600 views I love you so much and want to move back in, but only if you abort them! He has placed so much stress and pressure that I cry daily. Read story 1,538 views Hi,I’m 15 yrs old and a mum of a beautiful one month old baby girl. Read story 1,368 views The doctors wanted to terminate the life of my baby boy Read story 1,919 views I read the story about being 35 and pregnant with a boyfriend who doesn’t want the baby. I am in a similar situation. Read story 1,758 views When I was 15, I became pregnant. I thought this was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Read story 5,584 views We went for numerous scans to check the baby was ok and were given photos of the baby every couple of weeks. Then at 20 weeks we had the abnormality scan. Read story 2,728 views How much does an abortion under general anaesthetic cost? Read story 1,423 views UPDATE to Hi I'm 23, single and I have just recently found out I am pregnant by someone I was seeing...12 April 2009 Read story 1,621 views CRISIS PREGNANCY PART 1 / KEEPING MY BABY - PART 2/ MY BABY - PART 3 Read story 1,288 views Hi, I’m 16 and I’m about eight and half weeks pregnant. Read story 1,301 views Hi I’m 16 and I’ve just found out I’m pregnant. Read story

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