I'm pregnant and not really sure what's next.

By anonymous on 07/05/2014
I'm a twenty four years old and recently moved to a new city across the country from all my friends and family after graduating college. After being here for eight months, I finally started to feel like I was coming into my own.
Point of the story, I met a guy at a bar one night and exchanged numbers. After talking for about a week on the phone and texting we went out the next weekend. After our night out one thing lead to another and we ended up in bed. Now four weeks later, I'm pregnant and not really sure what's next.
After, I told the guy what was up he hasn't returned any of my calls or texts and at this point the only thing I'm sure of is keeping my child. Not only, do I no longer have contact with the father of my child, I also have no clue how I'm going to tell my very religious family that after being on my own for a mere eight months I'm pregnant by a guy I barely know, who won't return my calls. advice welcome.

Editor's Comment

That sounds a very difficult position to be in. One thing is certain, you will need support through the pregnancy and to bring up your child if the bottom line is that you could be on your own. However hard it is to tell your family, I would encourage you to be brave and break the news. They may be shocked and upset but ultimately you would hope that they will want to support you and their grandchild.
I am not sure how you could contact the father. Do you have his surname and area where he lives? Could you try Facebook? If he really doesn't want to be found it may be hard. If you live in UK I would suggest you log onto Online advisor for some more support and help.for post abortion support.

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