Hearing my baby's heartbeat made the choice for me.

By anonymous on 29/05/2014
I was 18 and I was so in love with him. I wanted to be with him for 3 years and finally I was. We had such an amazing relationship and we were so cute together I thought nothing could come between us. I was living in a paradise.
After 8 months he broke up with me because I was too childish apparently. Once I had realized I missed my period I took a test right away, and yes the two pink lines showed up. I was so scared but I told my mom and she was in shock and told me she would support me with whatever I chose. I tried telling the father but he already had a new girlfriend and wanted nothing to do with me. I managed to tell him anyways. His reaction? "Get an abortion or I'll come over there and do it myself ".
That was so rude but I wanted an abortion myself. I went to the doctors and scheduled my ultrasound.

The day of my ultrasound was the worst and the best day of my life

I was laying there on the bed and I asked the lady to turn the screen away from me as I was getting an abortion and didn't want to make it harder than it already was. I was about 2 months by now and I thought it would be interesting to see the baby. I asked her to turn the screen, and shockingly I was complete ok with seeing my baby. It was amazing it looked EXACTLY like one. A mini human then the lady asked me if I wanted to hear the heartbeat I said sure why not. I figured that if I could look at it I could hear it too, I was wrong.

Hearing my baby's heartbeat made the choice for me

I was keeping it. I layed on the ultrasound bed bawling my eyes out because I was going to kill my own baby! I loved it so much and wasn't even going to give it a chance. I called the father and told him I couldn't do it I couldn't get an abortion, and that I was so sorry. He just doesn't get it, so he's not going to be in our baby's life at all. He's a really bad man who would rather do drugs and party every weekend rather than step up and be a parent. (and he thought I was childish). As of now, I've never been so happy in my life. I am 17 weeks pregnant and I have support from my whole family and they are all excited and everyone knows. I don't need him and I can do this on my own. Everyday when I look at my growing belly I'm so happy. It's like this was meant to happen why did I want to be with him so bad? he's an idiot. Well this is why. I made the right decision and my baby reminds me everyday. I typed this whole story on an iPod touch and I was smiling away the whole time because my baby was kicking up a storm. I get to find out the gender in two weeks and life is perfect I love my baby with my whole heart already.

Editor's Comment

I am glad you are happy with your decision even though you initially thought you would have an abortion. I'm sure that having all your family support makes a big difference to you. Please call the national helpline if you need any further support 0300 4000 999.

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