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935 views A traumatic miscarriage Read story 724 views 2 miscarriages Read story 1,318 views My miscarriage at 12 wks was hard - didn't know I was pregnant Read story 854 views Support form a centre after 3 early miscarriages Read story 872 views 3 pregnancies ending in baby loss Read story 2,326 views A miscarriage after falling on the stairs Read story 1,720 views I knew deep down that I'd had a miscarriage at 12 weeks Read story 576 views A story of miscarriage Read story 876 views A story of 4 miscarriages Read story 1,307 views I miscarried at approx 6 weeks Read story 1,155 views 2 miscarriages within a few months. Will it happen again? Read story 1,507 views A miscarriage at 46 Read story 1,588 views Baby loss at 9 days old Read story 1,397 views A baby loss at 16 weeks Read story 2,186 views A miscarriage at 14 weeks Read story 2,297 views A late miscarriage at 14 weeks Read story 7,567 views I had a miscarriage without knowing I was actually pregnant Read story 1,936 views Our little boy had died inside me Read story 1,469 views I lost my baby at 14 weeks Read story 5,528 views MISCARRIED ON THE DAY OF ABORTION Read story 1,199 views It was a couple of months ago when I miscarried in October. Read story 2,732 views I was severely ill with postnatal depression which required hospital treatment as an inpatient. Read story 1,467 views I had a little baby girl, but then she died just 2 hours later. Read story 3,651 views I had bleeding in my uterus which was threatening my pregnancy Read story 2,212 views Well, I had unprotected sex. A week later I started feeling weird, had some "morning sickness", dizziness, fragile to some scents, emotional, experiencing a lot of gasses. Read story

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