I was in fact having a miscarriage.

By anonymous on 05/03/2015
I'm 23 and my boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years... so we weren't necessarily trying, but we weren't preventing either. I believe my conception date was Feb 8 (I was ovulating that week) as I had what I thought was implantation bleeding (light brown spotting only when I wipe) on the 18th (a week before my period was due). Sure enough, period was late. On my third day late, I started the light brown spotting only when I wipe again.
I also had a pain in my lower right pelvic area. This continues on for about 3-4 days, until March 2 I woke up experiencing bad period cramps across my whole pelvic area. Decided to take an 'at home pregnancy test' just to see what was going on. I have been late multiple times, taken tests, and they've always been negative, so I was sceptical. The test came up instantly with two strong pink lines. Using a pregnancy calculator online, I was an estimated 5 weeks, and because of the spotting and cramping with the positive test, I went to the er. my spotting was brown only when wiping, until I did the urine test at the hospital, my urine was tinged pink. After drawing blood, my hcg levels were 106. there wasn't much they could do... sent me home with possible miscarriage discharge papers, and I was told to come back in two days to recheck my hcg levels (as it should double everyday that you are pregnant) they would either go up or down. So throughout this whole week, I've had minimal cramping and light brown spotting only when I would wipe (aside from the day at the er). Waking up March 4 to go and have my hcg levels rechecked, my spotting had changed to a more red colouration, so I was worried... but it was what I suspected the whole time.
After drawing more blood, my hcg levels went down to 43, meaning I was in fact having a miscarriage.
After going home, my spotting and cramping have greatly changed with strong period-like cramps, slightly heavier flow, but its definitely red now, with particles. It's on and off though, one second it will be as I just described, the next its very light. Not only is it physically painful, but also emotionally. I've been trying to stay strong and act like its not bugging me as much as it is, but that's hard, when every time I go to the bathroom, I am reminded. I have an appointment with my gyn next week to 'follow my hcg levels down to 0'. Some cramping and spotting is normal for some women in early pregnancy, so even if you may have similar symptoms doesn't mean you are having a miscarriage... every woman's body is different.

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A hard experience to go through even in the early stages of pregnancy.

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