I knew I was going through a miscarriage.

By anonymous on 05/03/2015
Taking that pregnancy test and the outcome being 'Pregnant 2-3weeks' was an unexpected surprise, I was scared, nervous but excited. Although this was unplanned myself and my partner were over the moon; we are planning to move out this year, and with a big deposit behind us we thought what a perfect way to end the year with our own home and a baby.
Soon after finding out I was pregnant, we then found our my sister was pregnant too (1-2 weeks) - it was like it was meant to be! We only told our parents and our close friends 'just in case'. We planned our future around this tiny embryo that was inside me, and by the day our excitement grew and grew! We even went for a private 6 week scan, mainly for peace of mind but we just wanted to see the little surprise that was growing inside of me - so tiny but we saw a heartbeat which was wonderful and I will never forget that moment!
My first midwife appointment at 9 weeks went perfect, she took my bloods and a wee sample, everything was going great, I was on top of the world.
Straight after the appointment I went home to have some lunch where I noticed some blood, although there wasn't a lot, it was enough for me to panic so I went straight to a&e, they didn't really seem that phased as it wasn't a lot of blood and by now it had stopped; they took a wee sample which was fine but no blood test, they sent me home and told me to come back two days later for an internal scan - yes two days later, I was fuming; although they reassured me this is probably something not to worry about, my emotions weren't taken into consideration.
So I did as I was told and went home; later on that evening I was getting really bad cramps - period pains to be exact but 100 times worse! That night was awful, the pain was becoming worse and I was bleeding pretty heavy at this point - I knew it was happening, I knew I was going through a miscarriage. It all happened so quick and the next minute the yolk sac and placenta were laying on my bathroom floor - my world had come crashing down.
We went to a&e but a different hospital, the staff were so kind and worked as quickly as possible, I was at the hospital for about 2 hours in total, after having an internal scan, they confirmed my miscarriage, but the midwife reassured me that 1 in 4 women have one so it is common and it's not our fault! She told us that 95% of women go on to have a successful pregnancy next time round - although I felt numb, there was a glimmer of hope for the future.
It's been a difficult couple of days, and I have the utmost sympathy with anyone going through this, it is upsetting and unfortunately it wasn't our time, we are having a little break away abroad and trying to accept what's happened, but I am looking forward to becoming an Auntie in October :)

Editor's Comment

Very sad to have been so excited about your pregnancy only to go through a miscarriage. I am sure the baby you lost will always have a place in your hearts, and your nephew or niece will be a comfort. Hopefully you will be able to try again for another baby, not to replace what you have lost, but to have the family you long for.

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