I lost my baby at nine weeks and five days.

I am twenty four years old and I miscarried on April 14th this year. This was my first pregnancy and since I miscarried I have not dealt with any of the emotions that I have been feeling. I have been referred to counseling but I felt the need to share my story with women who have also gone through this.

I lost my baby at nine weeks and five days the exact day I was going in to hear its heartbeat for the very first time, and it devastates me because the week prior I had been told that everything was going well and my pregnancy was healthy. Now I am stuck with the feeling as to why ?? 

Editor's Comment

It is very sad to lose a pregnancy especially when everything seemed to be going well. Although knowing a specific reason can sometimes help you to come to terms with the loss, in practice there is often no reason found. It is hard to come to terms with a loss like this just happening. 

I am glad that you are going to have some counselling support as I am sure this will help you to process some of your painful emotions.

This story was sent in on 11/05/2015

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