I'm 20, when I was 18 I became pregnant.

I'm 20, when I was 18 I became pregnant. It was a shock to me but I was so delighted and couldn't wait to be a mum. I found out at 5 weeks so when I went for a scan baby wasn't big enough to see in the uterus therefore the scan lady said it could be ectopic (in the Fallopian tubes) and would have to be terminated. I cried and cried but then I went back a week later and there he was in my uterus with a beating heart. I got to 12 weeks and woke up one night to go to the toilet and started bleeding lots so I went to a&e had a scan.. Everything was fine but I then got fired from my job because I had missed a few days. Everything was fine until I got to 19 weeks where I woke up in the night again and bled. I went to the hospital and used a mobile scan machine, which didn't pick up a heartbeat. I was told to come back tomorrow to use a proper machine and still no heartbeat. They have me a tablet and I went home. I felt really sick and went back to the hospital for the week until it was time to give birth. I didn't know the sex yet so I found out when he came out after 8 hours of labour. Which was HORRIBLE it hurt so much I cried for the last three or four hours. I think it was being upset aswell as the pain. Finally he came out and I already knew he was going to be a boy I just knew so I already had a name picked out for him. He was perfectly formed, see through and was the length of a large banana. My partner and I were so distraught our dreams had been crushed and I fell into a deep depression which I've only just come out of. Thanks to my son I am now studying to be a midwife

This story was sent in on 10/03/2015

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