I was the last to get out the bus so no one would see the seat

By anonymous on 15/06/2015
united states

Okay, I am 18 and just graduated from high school. I remember a week after my boyfriend and I had sex I was late on my period. I told him I was sure I was because I never am late, but he insisted I take a test. I did and it was positive.

We said, "Let's go through with it - we're grown".

So weeks went by and I began to gain a lot of weight. I told nobody about this pregnancy because I knew it wasn't time. I was five months when I had a miscarriage and my boyfriend and I had broken up so I was in this alone.

This happened a few weeks ago on the day of my grad night. So I'm at grad night walking around not getting on rides because of my condition. Everything was fine I had a great time looking at everything. It was on the bus ride home when this all happened.

20 minutes into the ride home I began to bleed so much! I would cramp so bad and seconds after I would feel a lot of blood come out! It happened the whole 2 hour ride home and nobody knew this was happening.

Once we got to the school I made sure I was the last to get out the bus so no one would see the seat covered in blood, I was wearing black leggings so you couldn't really tell.

I rushed out & went to the parking lot to wait for my ride. As I walked to the parking lot blood began to drip out from the bottom of my leggings!! I'm so scared at this point, when my sister picked me up I told her I just started my period and it was heavy so I would need to sit on the towel she had in there, I soaked that towel with blood!

I came home and jumped in the shower and the cramps got worse!!! While in the shower a lot of blood clots came out of me with every cramp I knew these were pieces of my baby and began to cry it hurt so much these cramps were unbearable!

The shower water got cold so I had to get out. I put on a pad, changed and went to my room, seriously by the time I got to my room my shorts were drenched with blood!

I went back to the restroom sat on the toilet for an hour while I cramped, bled, and delivered pieces of who knows what! I thought it was over so I put on a heavy flow pad then went to my room.

I slept on the floor because of the bleeding but I couldn't and I was yelling at this point at how bad the cramps were. I had to wake up my sister and tell her how bad they were (she still thinks these are period cramps) she gave me pills and went back to bed. It is now four in the morning and these cramps are killing me slowly.

I don't know how I fell asleep but I just remember waking up going to the restroom to find a bunch of what looked like blood clots in my pants. I got everything from the trash from the night before. Everything I got dirty & threw it all away, it was so depressing because I had no one to tell this about.

I had to go to school & had to practice a dance for graduation, the song was "conqueror by Estelle" and I cried so much, the lyrics just got to me after having that experience. Everyone at practice kept telling me how dead I looked (if they only knew).

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