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Abortion stories mentioning Marie Stopes, an independent healthcare charity providing abortion and healthcare services in the UK.

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My Marie Stopes experience was upsetting but not unbearable

I just wanted to share my experience of a medical abortion for those who are about to go through it. I know there are some scary stories out there but I hope mine will help. I found out I was at 6 ... Read more

Not enough info about my same day abortion at Marie Stopes

I wanted to share my experience of a medical abortion at 6 1/2 weeks because I feel like I could of benefitted from this information while I was going through it myself (some of the stories of are ... Read more

I was told aborting twins is riskier and there'd be more pain

At the start of the year I’d felt really lonely. And so I was filling that gap with dating men. There was one boy I had sex with and it just so happened I’d accidentally missed a pill. ... Read more

My bleeding after medical abortion lasted for a week

I found out I was pregnant after my period was about a week late so me and my boyfriend decided I needed to do a test. I am only in my early twenties and have only been with my boyfriend a few It ... Read more

A surgical abortion under sedation at 13 weeks at Marie Stopes

Today I underwent a surgical abortion under sedation at 13 weeks. I want to share my story as I was searching the internet before my experience to find useful real life experiences. I found out I ... Read more

Failed Medical Abortion - successful on the second attempt

Failed Medical Abortion - successful on second attempt. I want to tell this story as I found it difficult to find experiences similar to mine when this happened to me. I won't go in to my decision ... Read more

A full hysterectomy with baby in womb after 2 failed abortions

You couldn’t make this up to be honest. I did post the first part of my story on here while waiting to have a surgical termination at Marie stopes Buckhurst Hill but I can’t find it so ... Read more

I was an international student in the UK in need of an abortion

To begin with, I should give some background information. After finding out that I was pregnant, I went online to search for the experiences of other girls, so I hope a ... Read more

My 10 weeks surgical abortion without sedation or anaesthetic

I wanted to share my experience of a no sedation/aneasthetic (high BMI) surgical procedure at 10 weeks gestation because I found very few entries online regarding other ladies experience of ... Read more

Always very pro-life, I never thought I'd consider an abortion

After reading a lot about this subject on this forum I decided to share my story, I'm a mother of 2 and 27 years old iv been in my relationship for 6 years we are an extreamly happy family! ... Read more

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