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Stories and experiences of abortion in the United States, both good and bad, describing procedures and feelings and emotions both before and after.

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My 6 weeks medical abortion in Tennessee

I know this was not an easy decision for anyone to make but in my case, it was the only decision. I decided to do the medical abortion. In TN they require you to have 2 doctor visits now so it is ...

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I had an abortion at 7 weeks for a molar pregnancy

It has been two days now since I went in for a surgical abortion. Two really long, emotionally jarring, and physically painful days. I became concerned that I was pregnant when I was about ...

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A surgical abortion at 11 weeks gestation without sedation

I had a surgical abortion at 11 weeks 3 days gestation without sedation. The doctor gave me a local anesthesia for my cervix. I chose not to have sedation because I was driving myself home after I ...

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My Dr gave me two options, I'm sure he just wanted more $$

I found out I was pregnant a week before I decided to do a medical abortion. I was 100% certain that I ...

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At 36 years old, I had my second pregnancy and my first abortion

At 36 years old, I had my second pregnancy and my first abortion. My child is in his late teens and having another child was just not in my plans, especially since I am not in a chose to have a at ...

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For women out there seeking a medical abortion - READ THIS!

For women out there seeking a medical abortion... READ THIS! I was feeling very sick/tired and I never thought I would be the one who got pregnant. I took my birth control consistently but oops up ...

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I had an incomplete miscarriage at 10 weeks of pregnancy

It was a very normal pregnancy. Strong HCG levels throughout. We heard the heartbeat at 8 weeks. It was 149 and baby was measuring correctly. I'd never once had any spotting throughout the 10 Then ...

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My Planned Parenthood experience of medical abortion

I’m a mother of three and very recently I found out I was pregnant. I had the Paraguard IUD which provides 99.4% pregnancy protection but somehow I managed to get pregnant again. My period I ...

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Surgical abortion with general anesthesia at 5 weeks pregnant

This is my experience of a surgical abortion under general anesthesia ...

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If you can't handle seeing your baby - don't look at the tissue

I had a medical abortion at ...

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