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Stories and experiences of abortion in the United States, both good and bad, describing procedures and feelings and emotions both before and after.

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What infuriates me is that I told that doctor to stop and he didn't

I had a surgical abortion 3 weeks ago. I was 14 weeks pregnant. That may make me sound like a monster, but the reason that it was that late is because I wanted to continue the pregnancy and fought ... Read more

After the abortion, I realized what happened and felt miserable

I got pregnant just after I met this guy. We always practice safe sex but that night, condom broke and the morning after pill didn’t work. It was silly, it just happened too fast but there a ... Read more

I documented the experience - it's not AT ALL what I expected

I am 27 years old, married for 7 years, and mom to a brilliant 5 year old boy. I knew I was pregnant right away - my breasts were SO tender, I was nauseous, everything smelled weird, and I was all ... Read more

Years later I still regret my decision and wonder about that child

Today is 9/30/2015 and my abortion happened 5/28/1989. It still seems so recent. I was 8 to 9weeks pregnant. The father was ashamed to tell his family about our baby. I ... Read more

"You're 26 weeks" - I thought he was joking 'till I saw the screen

I wanted to share my story about my pregnancy. It is very stressful for me I am 18 years old l, still in high school and 8 months pregnant:/ I found out that I was pregnant at 8 weeks. I an ... Read more

In my mind, I wasn't murdering one tiny innocent child, but two

I found out I was pregnant at 18, just one month before I was set to start my freshman year of college. I took a test 10 days after my missed period and it came back instantly positive. I was in I ... Read more

I'm having a 2nd abortion tomorrow, I feel like a horrible person

I'm going to have my second abortion tomorrow I'm really sad about it. I feel like a horrible person but I know it's for the best. I lost my job about a month ago the same time that I found out I ... Read more

I was not emotionally prepared for the visual: don't look

I am 20 years old and was unfortunately forced to have sex against my will. I became pregnant as a result of this and I am in no position in life to have a child. I am a second year student in and ... Read more

It was something I'd been afraid of since I was in middle school

I found out I was pregnant just after my 18th birthday, I had suspected it but hearing it was a huge shock to me and it was something I've been afraid of ever since I was in middle school. I got I ... Read more

I thought for a month: it's not wrong, just not right for everybody

I was recently getting over a break up. I made the wrong decision of getting with my exs friend, we began having sex all unprotected, which was another bad choice. But then one night we were both and ... Read more

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