I'd love to hear of others that have experienced the same issues and if this really is 'normal'

By anonymous on 02/01/2019
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Hi guys! So I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks pregnant right at 4 weeks ago. I have been in a super supportive and loving relationship for about a year and even though we are both university students (21 and 22) we both wanted to go through with the pregnancy.

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However, unfortunately my family has a super rare kidney disease called Al Ports syndrome that I have watched destroy and take the lives of those I care about and have seen the extremely low quality of life it can cause as well as the fear my sister lives in every day wondering when her son’s kidneys will fail.

This being said we decided to put the well being of our future family first and end the pregnancy.

Unfortunately, my abortion story has been one of a lot of pain and worry, I am typing this partly as information for others but also seeking some reassurance that things will get better.

I live in Mississippi where there is only one abortion clinic (that is bombarded with protestors at all hours of operation) and they will try to change your mind, do not let these people shake you, only you know your circumstance and what is best for you!

The abortion itself was rather run of the mill and although I did experience pretty severe pain after taking the 4 pills given on the second day, it subsided and things were "normal".

However, I am typing today to say that after a week and a half my bleeding was still rather heavy and painful and I had began to notice a foul smell with my blood/discharge.

Long story short I was out on antibiotics and this subsided and my bleeding has slowed to spotting with occasional clots/tissue.

My real issue has been over the last few days, I have been off of antibiotics around a week and my bleeding has gotten SUBSTANTIALLY heavier, in addition to this I have pelvic tenderness and the foul smell has returned slightly.

The clinic I chose (due to lack of options) is brushing me off and the receptionist won’t allow me to speak with a doctor to discuss my issues (I may be over worrying but I don’t trust her with my health over that of a licensed professional).

I would love to hear of any others that have experienced the same issues and if so how long it took them to subside/if this really is 'normal'.

I also would like to say that regardless of these complications and pain I do not regret my decision, both my partner and myself are Christians, I am also a pre-school teacher and adore children. We own a house and truly could have and WANTED to have this child, but not at the risk of them living a life of pain and sickness.

We decided to keep this procedure between ourselves due to our families’ strong anti-abortion beliefs, therefore we went through this alone (and I know there are women who don’t even have a supportive partner) and although it is not always easy it is possible and you are capable of anything you set your mind to, whether that be having your child or deciding you aren’t in a situation that permits that!

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