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These stories involve and relate to, peoples experiences of abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy.

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I'd recommend surgical abortion general anaesthetic at 6 weeks

It's been three days since I had a surgical (aspiration) abortion on the NHS. My experience of the procedure was a positive one and I feel compelled to tell it to reassure women and girls who find ... Read more

Not enough info about my same day abortion at Marie Stopes

I wanted to share my experience of a medical abortion at 6 1/2 weeks because I feel like I could of benefitted from this information while I was going through it myself (some of the stories of are ... Read more

My experience of a BPAS medical abortion at 6 weeks 5 days

I’m 20 and found out I was pregnant after taking a test 3 days after my due period (needless to say I felt different before I took the test so it’s like I just knew). I just cried, I I ... Read more

An 8 weeks medical abortion compared to a 6 weeks surgical

I wanted to share my recent experience of having a medical abortion at 8 weeks pregnant, compared to a surgical abortion I had 5 years ago at approximately six weeks pregnant. I'd also like to say ... Read more

My bleeding after medical abortion lasted for a week

I found out I was pregnant after my period was about a week late so me and my boyfriend decided I needed to do a test. I am only in my early twenties and have only been with my boyfriend a few It ... Read more

My same day medical abortion experience at 6 weeks

Alone. Ashamed. But I do not regret my decisions. I am 24, never wanted children, have only been dating my boyfriend for three months, I live in a tiny flat and just about get by financially. So I ... Read more

My medical termination at 6 wks - sorry it's graphic

This is my honest experience of a medical termination at 6 weeks. Im sorry for the graphic content but I want people to make an informed choice. I dont regret having an abortion not at all! But to ... Read more

Medical abortion - it’s not pleasant but it’s not THAT BAD

Hi girls, What I’m going to start with-I’m not English/American etc. so I hope my story makes sense/ you can understand it. I had 2 medical abortions. I know this sounds horrible. I to ... Read more

Positive 2019 medical abortion story with BPAS Leicester

°°Positive 2019 medical abortion story with Bpas Leicester° ° So I found out I was pregnant I very sick and exhausted basically I have always been very negatvie minded about not I ... Read more

From Northern Ireland to England for an abortion at 6 weeks

My medical abortion was at 6 weeks pregnant, I travelled to England from Northern Ireland. I was lucky and caught the pregnancy early at 2-3 weeks, it took nearly 3 weeks for them to arrange my in ... Read more

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