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Not all medical procedures carry a 100% success rate and sometimes medical abortion failures can occur, with varying outcomes, as these reader stories describe

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Failed Medical Abortion - successful on the second attempt

Failed Medical Abortion - successful on second attempt. I want to tell this story as I found it difficult to find experiences similar to mine when this happened to me. I won't go in to my decision ... Read more

I still have no idea if the medical abortion worked or not

Disclaimer: I still have on idea if the medical abortion worked or not. On Friday I found out that I'm pregnant. I did a urine test first thing in the morning. My husband and I decided that right ... Read more

A full hysterectomy with baby in womb after 2 failed abortions

You couldn’t make this up to be honest. I did post the first part of my story on here while waiting to have a surgical termination at Marie stopes Buckhurst Hill but I can’t find it so ... Read more

"You're 26 weeks" - I thought he was joking 'till I saw the screen

I wanted to share my story about my pregnancy. It is very stressful for me I am 18 years old l, still in high school and 8 months pregnant:/ I found out that I was pregnant at 8 weeks. I an ... Read more

I needed a surgical abortion after a failed medical abortion

I recently had a surgical abortion following a failed medical abortion. I discovered I was 7 weeks pregnant, and after a week went in for my medical abortion. I was convinced medical was the ... Read more

I had two failed medical abortions with unexpected side effects

I went to have an abortion on Wednesday with a private docter but I felt that nothing happened because nothing happen, no bleeding just a smelly discharge, and the medication came out of my ... Read more

I chose medical but also needed surgical due to RPOC

When I found out I was pregnant I was distraught, the thought of having a baby just didn’t feel right for me or my partner. I contacted my GP who explained both the medical and surgical procedures to ... Read more

My failed medical abortion at Planned Parenthood in Texas

I posted this story on another website to a girl inquiring about whether it was better to have a medication-induced abortion, or a surgical one. I'm simply going to copy-paste my entry on the other I ... Read more

A failed medical abortion at 7 weeks requiring a D&C

A friend did the medical abortion and was 7 weeks. It failed and the foetus died, but did not come out so they tried again. She still had stuff inside her uterus after she tried twice and was told to ... Read more

After a failed medical abortion I had to have a surgical abortion

Out of all the stories I have read about abortion, none of them compare to mine. I wanted to share mine just in case any of you ladies are in the same boat as I am/was. I found out I was pregnant I 6 ... Read more

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