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Abortion at 18 weeks of pregnancy

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I can't help but feel guilty over my medical abortion at 18 weeks

I had a medical abortion at almost 19 weeks. I'm an 18-year-old freshman in college. I live on campus and this is my first time being away from home even though I don't live too far ...

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At 18 weeks, I already feel like it knows my plans to terminate

Being 18 years old and being told you are 18 weeks pregnant was something I never intended to happen in my life. I have always been firm in my beliefs and I believe that all women have a right to ...

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I wasn't told what a late-term medical abortion would involve

I had a late medical abortion at 18 weeks just over a year ago. I live in England and had this done on the NHS in my local hospital. I won't go into my story, how it happened, my reasoning for the ...

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A letter to my unborn child - you deserve an explanation

Firstly I need to tell you that me & your daddy have decided to name you. I know a lot of people do this to help them grieve for their unborn babies. That's exactly what I need to ...

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A surgical abortion at 18 weeks and three days

I had a surgical abortion on 21/09/2011. I am now wondering if I made the right choice. I was 18 weeks and three days when I went for it, I had only known I was pregnant for just over a week. I'd ...

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