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Peoples relate their experiences of abortion at 14 weeks of pregnancy

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Medical abortion at 14 weeks - my baby came out alive!

MY BABY CAME OUT ALIVE!!! I had a medical abortion at 14 weeks. I'll give you a little back story on me first. I have a 7 year old, two years later I was pregnant with my second and miscarried at ... Read more

What infuriates me is that I told that doctor to stop and he didn't

I had a surgical abortion 3 weeks ago. I was 14 weeks pregnant. That may make me sound like a monster, but the reason that it was that late is because I wanted to continue the pregnancy and fought ... Read more

I've had a surgical abortion at 8 weeks and medical at 14 weeks

Today I had my medical abortion (I've just got back home) and I just wanted to write this so people know what to expect. I've had 2 abortions in the past, one surgical at 8 weeks and one (in ... Read more

A medical abortion due to confirmation of trisomy 18 by CVS

I had a medical abortion due to confirmation of trisomy 18 by cvs. I'm 31yrs old and terminated at 14weeks. After taking Mifepristone on the Friday I was called back into hospital at 10am on ... Read more

When you book an abortion they don't explain the whole thing

I had an abortion this year at 14 weeks pregnant the reason it was left till this late was because I was on holiday for 2 months and a week, when I returned to the UK I took a pregnancy test ... Read more

A positive surgical abortion story as other stories terrified me

Hi there this is a positive story about my surgical abortion at 14 weeks as everywhere I looked the stories terrified me! So as my experience was quite "positive" I thought I would speak out ... Read more

Will I regret a medical abortion at 14 weeks, do I really want it

I'm 21 years old and I had a medical abortion almost 4 weeks ago at 14 weeks pregnant. I had been on the contraceptive pill since I started going out with my current boyfriend almost 2 years ago, I ... Read more

Medical abortion at 14 weeks - my baby fell out of my womb

I had a medical abortion 2 days ago. I was 14 weeks pregnant, and I thought what I was doing was for the best as I am not in a stable relationship, have no money, and nothing going for me apart from ... Read more

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