Surgical abortion stories were terrifying but mine was quite positive

By Jean on 14/06/2015
surgical abortion abortion 14 weeks

Hi there, this is a positive story about my surgical abortion at 14 weeks as everywhere I looked the stories terrified me! So as my experience was quite “positive” I thought I would speak out if it helps others like me.

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So I am 25 I already have one child who is 4 and a half and have been with my partner all that time but he isn't the father to my child (we met soon after).

We both decided we didn't want children, I already had my child and that was enough for me.

I never fell pregnant so was in total and utter shock

We had been having protected and u protected sex in the 4 and a half years and I never fell pregnant so when I did, not long ago, I was in total and utter shock and had totally mixed emotions.

I didn't want to see things

I found out on a weekend so I paid for a private scan for the same weekend as how far along in the pregnancy I was depended on what I would do although the medical abortion was never an option  personally for me as I just didn't want to see things and risk being mentally damaged in the future.

So I decided, after finding out at the scan that I was 10 weeks 5 days, that surgical termination was the way I thought best for me personally.

Some pregnancy help places were nice, some were terribly rude

So Monday morning ringing around all the pregnancy help places (some nice, some terribly rude!) I found a place. It was in Newcastle 30 miles from my home but this travel didn't bother me as everywhere closer was just offering me the tablet form which I was wasn't over the moon about.

So I made an appointment for the next week to be seen up in Newcastle just for some tests first. I was so so nervous and felt like I couldn't make a simple daily decision because my mind was so all over the place.

I arrived in Newcastle and the staff were lovely. A blood test was taken and swabs (vaginal, back passage and ears and mouth) which were all done by myself apart from the blood test lol

I'd be 14 weeks on the day of the surgery

I was then given my appointment for my surgery date which meant I would be 14 weeks! It just loomed over me so much as I did not know what to expect...

The day arrived. I was told on my test day not to eat or drink anything after half 7 am on the day of surgery which was fine as nerves made me feel awful.

I arrived at the hospital at around 9 am feeling very anxious but 100% doing the right thing - there were other girls there too that felt a bit awful because we all knew what each other were here for :(

I didn't see any of the girls as the curtain around my bed separated us from seeing one another but conversations could be heard (not the best on a day like that). My partner was allowed to stay with me the whole day thank god!

So from 9 am till around half 11 not a lot happened, they just checked blood pressure at 11.30am. I was given 2 tablets to be inserted vaginally, both around the size of a 20p coin, to soften the cervix - this brought no pain or bleeding at all to my surprise.

I just laid watching telly holding my partner's hand when I was called to see the anaesthetist who just made sure I had no allergies. Then I went back to my bed, before seeing the surgeon. He also made sure of no allergies and asked if I wanted to know about the surgery and I said no as I would feel worse.

At this point there was no sickness, no pain, and no bleeding, this was about 2.30 pm.

Then I was called at 3.30 pm with my gown on and no clothes underneath I was wheeled to the surgery unit. I cried the whole way as I was terrified.

Surgery and recovery were around 45 mins

I got there and the lady put the canular in my hand with no pain (I had numbing cream on my hand from about 12.30). She told me I would feel sleepy and asked me if I would like the coil or implant fitted while under the general anaesthetic. I said no, I wanted the depo injection afterwards.

She told me they insert a painkiller up rectally while you're asleep too so the medication went in and the next thing I remember was coming round in recovery like nothing had happened, I had no pain anywhere!

I couldn't believe it and was smiling as I was just so relieved this was finally over and I could relax and live again. They kept me in recovery for around 30 mins. All in all, I think surgery and recovery were around 45 mins and they took me back to my partner who was so relieved to see me not crying. I was given a sandwich, a cup of tea and water. This was just what I needed as I did feel rather hungry.

After that, the bleeding began. It was very light, just like a normal period with the normal period pain. I was kept in to keep checking my blood pressure for a while until around 7.30 pm but I was up moving around feeling ok, not like I had just had an operation!

The lady came and gave me the depo and asked me to take 2 tablets which were antibiotics, just needed to take 2, to prevent any infection.

I got to the hotel around 8 pm and was very tired and hungry - don't forget even though you may be 100% your body and mind have still been through a lot!

Today has been emotional

The next day I felt fine, had to go to the loo with the runs but I think that was just the painkiller in the bootom which may have given me an upset tummy, but no sickness what so ever.

It is now 4 days since this and I'm feeling much better than I was beforehand and able to get on with things. Today has been an emotional day, I'm not sure why, like I say, maybe the hormones and everything that's happened but a bit teary just like a normal period I guess.

They told me the bleeding should be light to medium and should last no more than 7-10 days and that seems to be about right.

I know how terrified and petrified I was but please don't be

I cannot stress enough if you are going through this that it is natural to be afraid or nervous anxious and stressed but believe me if I can do this anyone can. Make sure you have plenty of people you trust around you and don't feel like you cannot cry just because this is what u decided because u can!

You will feel emotionally challenged after all you have been through. I would actually love to be there for people who are going through this as I know how terrified and petrified I was of this, but please don't be it's not as bad as you think :)

Good luck to anyone in this situation - sending my good thoughts and luck your way xx

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