I think I passed out for twenty minutes at the end

By Becks on 14/06/2015
medical abortion

I'd just like to relay my story in an attempt to try to help out anyone struggling to make a decision and/or worried about what might happen whilst going through a medical abortion [more stories about medical abortion].

I am 27 and have been in a relationship for only 8/9 months. Once I found out I was pregnant (after doing 5 pregnancy tests!) it was a MASSIVE shock, I know everyone says that but I guess you don't really appreciate it until it happens to you!

I knew I was pregnant (even though it had never happened before) because I felt fatter than usual; all my clothes became tighter and I felt uncomfortable. My boobs were really tender and I missed my period. Other than that I didn't feel any different at all.

I told the father (my boyfriend) and although he was shocked his reaction was to support me and he recognised that the decision was OURS and not just mine. I also told my parents mainly because I live with them but I realise now it was also a great decision to make as their support has been amazing throughout this.

Cutting a very long story about my thought process short, my boyfriend and I made the decision to abort, just some of the reasons being: we aren't ready relationship wise, financially, we still both live with our parents, we haven't lived together yet, we feel like we haven't lived our own lives the way we'd like to yet so we don't want to resent the baby... The list is endless really.

So I nervously turned up to the abortion clinic, (I had a telephone appointment beforehand on which I needed to confirm my reason for wanting to abort and answer some medical questions).

Then came the initial blood test (which wasn't a needle, just a prick of the finger), a scan - they did this the normal way but couldn't find it so I had to have an internal one. When I heard the word 'internal' I really didn't want this to happen but it wasn't bad at all, don't get me wrong it's not pleasant but it was over so quickly and a lot better (if you can believe it) than the first scan.

Then came the first tablet which I took with water.

6 hours later I returned not knowing what to expect even though the nurses explained everything really well (I was just so nervous) and I was told to take four tablets but put them into the top of my mouth between my cheek and gums for half an hour, these are the tablets that caused me pain about 3 hours after I took them. The tablets go papery so it's easy to keep them in place for half an hour as long as you don't play with them.

So I got home about 45 mins after taking the tablets and didn't really feel anything, then as I say about 3 hours after I had the most intense pain of my life, I don't want to scare anyone but for me, this is how it went.

The pain was (as far as I can imagine) like contraction pain and after a while, I realised that pain meant it was going to be coming out of me pretty soon. My pain was very hard to take and I think I passed out for twenty mins at the end of it, but it lasted for about thirty mins then hardly anything...

It was quite strange almost like I had it really painful for a shorter amount of time which I preferred over the thought of having something less painful over a longer amount of time.

The passing of the pregnancy was also... strange and unpleasant, however not unbearable.

None of the leaflets can tell you specifics I guess because everyone's different but do read up everything they give you as it can and does help you.

This happened to me yesterday and today I haven't had any pain at all just a couple of twinges, I feel like I'm back to normal and I'm planning holidays and I feel like this experience has provided me with the kick up the bum I needed to get out and live my life the way I want to while I can before I get married and have babies later on down the line. I'm going to live it for the little one I had to give up.

Good luck with whatever path you chose and I hope this helped. X

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