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Abortion at 19 weeks of pregnancy

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I remember my abortion in 1975 as if it was yesterday

Well, I started reading some of these abortion stories. Let me explain why it hits so hard., and has never ever left my mind. I do not talk about that day. I am 64 now, but when I was 19 I found I ... Read more

I was 24 years old when I found out I was 19 weeks pregnant

I WAS 24 YEARS OF AGE WHEN I KNEW I WAS 19WEEKS PREGNANT. December 2018 I was going through a lot of depression became sick suffered from seizure, high blood pressure couldn't do anything for and ... Read more

My period was late and I started to feel weird movements

Well this I found out I was pregnant. I kinda already had a feeling after I didn't get my period. I didn't have symptoms so I just brushed it off as stress from moving back home after my but ... Read more

A surgical abortion at 19 weeks after a one night stand

I basically found out I was pregnant back in November 2009, after a silly one night stand on my birthday. I was so petrified when I first got told, I didn't know what to do.I'd made an with ... Read more

I aborted at 19 weeks not realising how developed my baby was

I’m a deep person, really heartless at times. I have a little boy who’s nearly three. At the time, I was fifteen, scared, alone, shocked. I thought my life was over. My baby’s father denied I was two ... Read more

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