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Stories of abortions taking place at 7 weeks of pregnancy

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For women out there seeking a medical abortion - READ THIS!

For women out there seeking a medical abortion.. READ THIS! I was feeling very sick/tired and I never thought I would be the one who got pregnant. I took my birth control consistently but oops ONE ... Read more

My experience with medical abortion at 7 wks 2 days pregnant

I want to give my experience with a medical abortion. I was 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I took the first pill at the clinic on a Tuesday at 9am. I hadn’t eaten and the nurse said that was I ... Read more

I was told aborting twins is riskier and there'd be more pain

At the start of the year I’d felt really lonely. And so I was filling that gap with dating men. There was one boy I had sex with and it just so happened I’d accidentally missed a pill. ... Read more

My medical abortion pain was okay, it was bearable

I had my medical abortion at 7 weeks. I found out really early about 3 weeks in and from talking to my friend knew I would have to wait. Anyways by the time I got a convenient appt it was 7 weeks. ... Read more

This is how I managed my medical abortion pain

I wanted to share my experience of medical abortion. I had it on 16th feb 2019 with bpas. I was 7+5 weeks pregnant. They offered treatment on thr day of consultation which i was suprised at but as ... Read more

This was my medical abortion at 7 weeks at NUPAS Finchley

Hi all, I hope this helps anyone who has found themselves reading these posts like I had. I wanted to share my story of my first pregnancy as allot of the other posts on here are about people who ... Read more

If you have the slightest doubt you should seek abortion advice

I had an abortion 7 weeks through my pregnancy. I'm too young to have a baby and the pregnancy was least expected so I had no thought of giving birth and I was a hundred percent sure about the But ... Read more

I knew I was pregnant and I knew I couldn't keep the baby

I found out I was pregnant. I knew I was, I was sick, my breasts were sore and I could barely stay awake past 8pm. I took the pregnancy test and there it was, the two lines, pregnant. Due to my I ... Read more

Medical abortion while having extreme morning sickness

Medical abortion while having extreme morning sickness. I found out early that I was pregnant and was able to get things planned to have my medical abortion by the end of my 7th week pregnant. I I ... Read more

Failed Medical Abortion - successful on the second attempt

Failed Medical Abortion - successful on second attempt. I want to tell this story as I found it difficult to find experiences similar to mine when this happened to me. I won't go in to my decision ... Read more

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