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Stories of abortions taking place at 7 weeks of pregnancy

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My surgical abortion at 7 weeks 4 days at the Victoria Infirmary

I had a surgical abortion 2 days ago at 7+4. I had it at the new Victoria Infirmary hospital in Glasgow. I have two children already and my husband and I didn't want anymore even though we it ...

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My 7 wks early medical abortion was less painful than expected

I used this website a lot in the last couple of weeks and it helped to read other people's experiences so wanted to share mine. Before I start, I need to say that I am the biggest wimp going and a ...

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A medical termination at 7 weeks of pregnancy

I found out I was pregnant with a very much unplanned 3rd child three weeks ago. I already have 2 beautiful children (1½ and 3½) and I am married to my long-term I ...

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An NHS medical abortion yesterday at 7 weeks of pregnancy

Here's the story of my medical abortion Two weeks ago, on the third anniversary of my mum's death, I found out I was pregnant after doing a home pregnancy test. I already knew I ...

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